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(CO) University of Bucharest, Research Centre for Ecological Services – CESEC. The Research Center for Ecological Services – CESEC (www.cesec.ro) is an interdisciplinary research centre, part of the University of Bucharest, the largest Romanian University. Its mission is to catalyse the cooperation between the faculties of Biology, Geology, Geography and Chemistry in the field of fundamental and applied ecology. CESEC includes in its structure a division dedicated to biogeochemistry, and co-coordinates the Romanian national consortium for the biogeochemistry of trace elements.

Dr. Virgil Iordache (project coordinator, speaker WP4) is a senior researcher.  His research activities carried out in the last 18 years cover three inter-connected directions: biogeochemistry (in particular in macro-landscapes) and ecotoxicology of metals (in particular effects on the nitrogen cycling), risk assessment, bioremediation of heavily polluted areas, functional analyses of wetlands, design of the ecological network for the river systems, methodology for the identification and mathematical modeling of socio-ecological systems. In summer 2007 he was granted a DAAD award at the University of Jena in the area of mathematical modeling of metals mobility in terrestrial and wetland ecosystems. He has coordinated the reintegation in Romania of a Marie Curie fellow, Dr. Aurora Neagoe. His managerial experience was obtained by implementing FP5, FP6 and national projects. He was leading a major infrastructure grant in the area of metals biogeochemistry and is co-coordinator of the Romanian national consortium for the biogeochemistry of trace elements together with Prof. Radu Lăcătușu (key person from ICPA in ASPABIR).

Dr. Aurora Neagoe (speaker WP2) is the head of the laboratory of biogeochemistry and bioremediation at UB-CESEC.

Selected publications relevant for the proposal:

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Key persons in Research Centers at the Faculty of Geology (http://www.geo.edu.ro/Geoscience/index-en.html, http://www.geo.edu.ro/Catmin/Eng/LYTHOS.html, http://www.unibuc.ro/en/cc_cchiga_en)

Denisa Jianu (WP2) studied at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, graduating in 1993 with a Geology Engineer Diploma. She was the director of the CNCSU research project Economical importance and ecological impact of mining waste deposits in Romania (2006-2009) and the geology responsible in the PN2 project entitled: Phytoremediation methods and risk evaluation in metals polluted areas (2007-2010).

Daniel Scrădeanu (WP3) is Professor at the University of Bucharest, Department of Engineering Geology. He is the head of the Doctoral School of Geology at the University of Bucharest and he has a broad experience in project management in fields like GIS – tool for geological process modeling, stochastic modeling of reservoir rocks parameters, and informatics system for selection, validation and storage of geological information.

Mihai Ducea (WP3) is Professor at the University of Arizona and also a Scientific Researcher at the Lythos Research Center at the University of Bucharest. His main focus is today related to isotopic dating and tracing, with applications in regional tectonics and environmental studies. He is at the moment the director of a project implemented in Romania.

Selected publications relevant for the proposal: