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Home About the project Results People and institutions Management Contact and links

(P1) Institute of Biology Bucharest (IBB, http://www.ibiol.ro/ ) is a leading public research institute and belong to  Romanian Academy. IBB is a research institute interested in the balanced development of both fundamental and applied research. It has closed relationships with international institutions, universities, companies, local government and other types association and takes social and economic consideration into account. With more than 20 bilateral international agreements, 50 national and international projects IBB has links with the most prestigious Universities and organizations in Europe and in the world. The main research directions in the recent years include: study of biodiversity in Romania (plants, animals, microorganisms) and the relationships with biotic and abiotic factors; study of microorganisms in extreme and hostile environment; bioremediation.

Marilena Onete (WP2) graduated University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology with the specialization Ecology and Nature Protection. She started her work as student in FP5 and FP6 projects like ERMAS2 (ENV4-CT95-0061) in the work packages dedicated to nitrogen and phosphorous biogeochemistry. Once employed in IBB she participated in many projects and she also run projects national and international financed, EIA studies, set scientific cooperation with foreign institutions based on her competence in plant ecology. She participated as person in charge for IBB with University of Bucharest partner the following projects: Procedure for the phytoremediation and risk assessment in contaminated areas – FITORISC, Procedure for economic assessment of the retention of stable pollutants in river systems – PECOTOX, Modernization of the RD infrastructure for the biogeochemistry of trace elements – INFRABIM.

Mihaela Pauca-Comanescu (WP2) 45 years of working/experience in the Institute of Biology Bucharest, she performed studies in: plant ecology; conservation of nature, flora and habitats; for forests, shrublands, grasslands (especially alpine), wetlands (especially shrubs), ecotonal areas for rivers and lakes I studied ecosystems’ structure and functions: identifying the presence of plant species, quantitative structure of primary producers, eco-physiology; ecological restoration of river banks and other impacted areas; distribution/mapping and dinamics of habitats and elaboration of monitoring protocols; variability of specific diversity in different areas;

Florian Bodescu is an ecologist specialized in information systems for the management of biodiversity, former colleague of faculty with Marilena Oneta and currently holding a private business on informations systems (www.multidimension.ro). He co-authored publications on management of and monitoring biodiversity in floodplains with the project leader and other key persons in the project, will be employed part-time and will deal with the satellite images processing (WP1), getting involved also in the information system design in cooperation with Daniel Scrădeanu (UB, WP4).

Selected publications relevant for the proposal: